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Parallel Events

International Seminar for New Theatre Critics

From March 31 to April 6, fifteen new theatre critics from all over the world are coming to Wroclaw to concern themselves with the works of authors, directors and performers in an International Seminar for New Theatre Critics, organised by the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC), within the programme offered by the 13th Europe Theatre Prize. Among others, the participants stem from Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, France, Iran, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden. Many of these up-and-coming critics already write for the arts and entertainment sections of newspapers in their home counties or are on their way to careers with daily publications, monthly cultural journals or more specialised theatre journals. IATC has been organising these International Seminars since 1978, with the support of several host entities and festivals organisations. This International Seminar for New Theatre Critics will be an occasion not only for informed and demanding discussions of the many theatre productions available during that week, but also for the exchange of experiences and critical perspectives on the theatrical realities of the many different countries represented by the participants. The Seminar will be monitored by two experienced theatre critics, João Carneiro, from Portugal, and Mark Brown, from Scotland, and with the support of the Director of Seminars of AICT/IATC, Paulo Eduardo Carvalho. João Carneiro is a member of the Board of the Portuguese Association of Theatre Critics (APCT), and a member of the IATC. He has been theatre critic for the weekly newspaper Expresso since 1992. Has written about dance, opera and film and has been conducting seminars on theatre. He has collaborated with the journals UBU, Alternatives Théâtrales, Sinais de Cena and Obscena. His many interests include also literature and literary theory. Mark Brown is theatre critic of the Scottish national newspaper The Sunday Herald. He contributes reviews and articles about theatre to a range of publications, including The Scotsman newspaper and the UK website He is a member of the jury of the Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland. He teaches in theatre studies at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and the University of Strathclyde. Paulo Eduardo Carvalho is Assistant Professor at the University of Porto, Portugal, and researcher at the Centre for Theatre Studies, University of Lisbon. Having published widely on the areas of theatre studies and translation studies, he holds a PhD on theatre translation and cultural representation. Member of the board of the Portuguese Association of Theatre Critics (APCT) between 2003 and 2009, he’s a regular contributor to Sinais de Cena, the journal of APCT, and a member of the Executive Committee of AICT/IATC and its Director of Seminars.