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Viliam Dočolomanský, born in 1975, grew up in a small Slovak mountain town. Piano studies from the age of 5 led him towards musical composition; at 15 he founded his own jazz band. At around the same time he adapted and directed the poem Kaddish For Naomi Ginsberg by Allen Ginsberg for his non-professional “Physical Theatre Bodea”. At 17, he personally met Ginsberg, who invited him to translate his poems on stage with him. From 1994-1999 he studied directing at JAMU in Brno while simultaneously teaching at Ida Kelarová’s International School for Human Voice. After this he worked in mainstream theatres in the Czech and Slovak Republics (including choreography for the National Theatre in Prague, for the performance Markéta Lazarová). In 2001he went with some actors to Andalusia to research into cante hondo singing, torero training and duende (resulting in the performance Dark Love Sonnets, based on Lorca’s life and poetry). Thus the International Theatre Studio “Farm in the Cave” was created, which soon began touring the world, becoming a multi – award winning ensemble. Its performances (e.g. Sclavi – The Song of an Emigrant, Waiting Room, The Theatre) were created as a direct reflection of reality and not as interpretations of literature. In connection with this, Viliam’s studio focuses on basic scenic research into “chosen” minority fields (the songs and letters of Ruthenian emigrants; the on- site memory of a railway station; the dances and rhythms of African slaves in Brazil, etc.) and also on workshops and lectures (Congress Ecum in Brazil and Tisch School New York). Viliam has directed several international projects including Kim HongDo Workshop (Korea) and Journey to the Station (a site specific show in Slovakia with performers from 13 countries) and led to the residential space Preslova 9 in Prague (International Theatre Festival FARMA 2007). In 2007 he also finished his doctoral studies at DAMU in Prague. Recent work includes a movie adaptation of his Waiting Room and planning two bigger theatre projects which he hopes to realize as international co – productions.