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Andrey Moguchiy’s first professional projects, based on the work of Grotowski, were in non – verbal, visual performance. In 1990 he founded his Formalny theatre, an independent company that quickly became known for productions such as Ionesco’s Bald Prima Donna, marked by a radical approach to the text and an innovative use of space in both production and performance. In 1994 he created Orlando Furioso, a sort of mystery play performed as street theatre, a genre to which he passionately devoted himself for some years. From 2000 he continued to produce non-conventional work, now showing a growing interest in the psychological aspects of theatre and returning to the traditional methods of the Russian school, culminating in two works based on the prose of Sacha Sokolov, School for Fools and Between Dog and Wolf, impressionistic sketches whose sense was expressed not through the text but more through the audience’s imaginative and emotional perception of the productions’ flow of images. At the same time Moguchiy was testing himself in other fields of theatre, combining the use of huge spaces with a close focus on a central character unable to confront the tragedy of life, who finds the only answer to this dilemma in his own death. In 2003 he directed Boris Godunov as an open air production in the Kremlin’s Cathedral Square, as well as a dance production showcasing the star of the Maryinsky, Diana Vishniova, and a circus piece, Kratatouk, based on The Nutcracker. Since 2004 he has directed for St. Petersburg’s Alexandrinsky Theatre, the oldest in Russia, with productions including a new outdoor version of Bély’s Petersburg presented in the courtyards of the former place of Tsar Paul I and a fantasy based on Gogol, The Two Ivans. In 2010 he received St. Petersburg’s Golden Soffit for Best Director with his Alexandrinsky production of Izotov, a piece written especially for him. He has won the Golden Mask on several occasions, as well as the Grand Prix of BITEF in Belgrade and an Edinburgh Fringe First. In 2010 he received the Stanislavski Prize for Direction.