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XI Edition - convegni
Thursday, 26th April
Royal Theatre

Prizes: who needs them?
International Association of Theatre Critics Colloquium
Chairman, Ian Herbert, IATC President
Contributors, in alphabetical order
Jonathan Abarbanel, critic (USA); Olga Egoshina, critic (Russia); Yun-Cheol Kim
IATC Vice-President (Korea); Zeynep Oral, IATC Honorary Vice-President
(Turkey); Manuel Vieites, critic and educator (Spain).

Friday, 27th April
Royal Theatre
10:00 am
Conference and Meeting with Alvis Hermanis
Curator, Brigitte Fürle, Manager Berliner Festspiele
Contributors, in alphabetical order
Undine Adamaite, critic (Latvia); Baiba Broka, actress (Latvia); Roman
Doljanski, journalist (Russia); Monika Pormale, set designer (Latvia); Kaspars
Znotins, actor (Latvia).

4:00 pm
Conference and Meeting with Biljana Srbljanoviæ
Curator, Ivan Medenica, professor and critic
Contributors, in alphabetical order
Georges Banu, professor, Institut d'études Théâtrales, Paris and AICT Honorary
President (France); Franco Quadri, critic (Italy) ; Rudolph Rach, general
publisher of L’Arche (France); Almut Wagner, dramaturg (Germany); André Wilms,
actor ( France).

Saturday, 28th April
Royal Theatre
9.30 am
Robert Lepage: The visionary from Quebec City
Curator, Michel Vaïs, General Secretary, Association Internationale des
Critiques de Théâtre
Contributors, in alphabetical order
Francis Beaulieu, PA to Robert Lepage (Canada); Lynda Beaulieu, Robert Lepage’s
agent (Canada); Normand Bissonnette, actor (Canada); Peder Bjurman, director
and playwright (Sweden); Rebecca Blankenship,actress (Great Britain);
Gianfranco Capitta, critic (Italy); Richard Castelli, Epidemic manager(France);
John Cobb, actor and artistic co-director of Théatre Sans Frontières,
Newcastle (Great Britain); Robert Cushman, critic (Canada); Marc Doré, director
of Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique (Canada); Nicole Dumais, actress (Canada);
Nuria Espert, actress (Spain); Ludovic Fouquet, professor, stage director and
critic (France); Karen Fricker, research fellow, Trinity College, Dublin
(Ireland); Nuria García, actress (Spain); Marie Gignac, actress (Canada);
Chantal Hébert, professor at Université Laval (Canada); Yves Jacques, actor
(Canada); Jacques Languirand, actor (Canada); Michael Morris, director Cultural
Industry, associate producer Ex Machina and co-director Artangel (Great
Britain); Hans Piesbergen, actor (Germany); Menno Plukker, agent and delegate
producer Ex Machina (Canada); Isabelle Porter, journalist (Canada); Franco
Quadri, critic ( Italy); Odile Quirot, critic (France); Louise Roussel,
production manager Ex Machina (Canada); Don Rubin, ACTA co-president (Canada);
Christian Saint-Pierre, journalist (Canada); Lars Seeberg, artistic advisor and
general secretary See@rt (Denmark); Philippe Soldevila, director and playwright
(Canada); Jean St-Hilaire, journalist (Canada)

Robert Lepage interviewed by Michel Vaïs

Sunday, 29th April
Royal Theatre
10.00 am
Peter Zadek: the director - and the actors' imagination
Curator, Volker Canaris, Professor, University of Music and Performing Arts,
in collaboration with Klaus Dermutz, publicist and publisher
Contributors, in alphabetical order
Corinna Brocher, dramaturg and Peter Zadek’s assistant (Germany); Tankred
Dorst, writer and Peter Zadek’s collaborator (Germany); Ursula Ehler, writer
(Germany); Bärbel Jaksch, dramaturg (Germany); Eva Mattes, actress (Germany);
Matthias Matussek, journalist (Germany); Franco Quadri, critic (Italy); Thomas
Meisl, Peter Zadek’s collaborator (Austria); Elisabeth Plessen, writer and
translator (Germany); Günter Rohrbach, TV and cinema producer and Peter Zadek’s
collaborator (Germany); Angela Winkler, actress (Germany).