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III Edition - Reasons



The work of Giorgio Strehler, to whom the 1990 Europe Theatre Prize has been unanimously awarded by the Jury, is a cornerstone in the construction of post - war European  Theatre. He has worked not only as a director, but also as manager, guiding light, actor, writer, translator, teacher, and advocate of an all - embracing “theatrical idea” rooted in the fabric of society and politics, which has had an impact throughout European theatrical culture. Various aspects of his personality converge in his constant and single-minded attempt to build the necessary structures for a European theatre intended as a common workshop of new ventures and experiences. Starting in the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, this determination eventually flowered into the foundation of the first really European theatrical organism, the Théâtre de l’Europe, which Strehler was called to direct. Today Strehler’s activities have expanded to even greater dimensions in the context of the transformation which our continent has undergone, and which theatre has done so much to promote.


to ANATOLI VASSILIEV for his work with the Moscow School of Dramatic Art