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IV Edition - Reasons




Giving the fourth Prize Europe for Theatre to Heiner Müller, hot only has the Jury wanted to look at him as are of the best living playwrights, but they also wanted to honour him because he has been able to reshape the concept of play wright during party years of his activity.
I has not been a mirror game the one exploited by the artist whenever he wrote plays creating both poetry and drama, while the public were making responsabilities, the intelligent controversies him a maitre á penser of many generations: and by on this and that side of Berlin Wall, he has represented a disturbing critical conscience for both the two Germanies. And he has also reshaped his language, just for his beloved country considering the difficulties it always reveals.
Coherent with his practise in contradiction, Müller has imposed himself as a classical writer ahead of his time by experimenting and he has been, able to cultivate a Utopia, being faithful to the praxis. His theatrical works have been concerned with the didactic tone of texts about production, with the adaptation of ancient texts - captured by the enchantment of distant systems of thought - , with the ermetion of stiking fragments and clear synthesis of his last period but he has never stopped interm ingling history and Art.
According to him, the stylistic elegance of the text has always been tied to the habit of the stage, with the intermediation of some interdisciplinary connections. At same time Müller as a " director of himself " , multiplied the valencies of his own texts, renewed thanks to the combining technique of approaching. Thus by the unconventional arm of irony, this poet achieved the direction of that theatre which was direct by Brecht, the refused inspired inspirer of his youth against whose shadow he had fought in his maturity, to be his heretic continuer and to re - balance his lesson through his own technique.


After the acknowledgement during the past edition to Vassil' ev, the ' Prize Europe ' along with ' Prize Europe New Theatrical Realities ' (20,000 ECU) European Prize for New Theatrical Realities has been set up. It aims at encouraging tendencies and initiatives. The Jury, would like the Prize to become an occasion for meeting and comparison expressive happenings. Guided by this chosen criterion the Jury has decided to award this new prize stressing three particular realities characterised by their contribution to innovation and experimentation:

For his scenic work, for his technique of intermingling video - installation and performance, real and electronic imagery, direct recording and live action.

For their street theatre. This Chatalan group uses the street with its own scenic space, a space to be occupied and exploited. Live is seen as both the source and driving force of inspiration; their cultural roots are a means of expression. All their performances are characterised by a burlesque irony and poetic tone.

For the dramaturgic work of elaboration of plays staged with the actors of the Theatre of Vilnius..