Fiction d'hiver
di Noëlle Renaude
mise en espace
di Robert Cantarella

con Emilien Tessier I Attore
Aladin Reibel
Jean-Claude Durand
Robert Cantarella
II Attore
III Attore
IV Attore


La trama:
At first there are two, then three, and then four. They have a few details at their disposal - for example, a reviser, the Gare du Nord, a mysterious sculpture, traffic in Hong Kong dollars, a forgotten cabaret singer - and all they have to do is weave hypotheses, believe in coincidences, discuss the motives: a fictional story is born, develops, and implodes. It is up to them to bring it to a conclusion.

Théâtre Ouvert
Centre Dramatique National de Création subventionné
par le Ministère de la Culture et de la Ville de Paris

A theatre of experimentation and creation, it was born in 1971 at the Avignon Festival, and moved to the Jardin d'Hiver in 1981. In 1988 it became the first National Dramaturgy Centre devoted to the search for and promotion of contemporary French-language theatre writers. Micheline Attoun and Lucien Attoun, who direct Théâtre Ouvert together, receive hundreds of scripts a year. They then begin the process of selection, dialogue with the authors and development of the texts, five or six of which are kept to be published by Théâtre Ouvert in the form of a Tapuscrit. Other manuscripts are kept to be read at the Cartes Blanches, or developed in the form of "Mise en espace", "Mise en voix" or "en Chantier", by the directors and the actors, or staged as part of the Jardin d'Hiver programme.

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