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Ronconi prova Pirandello

Luca Ronconi is rehearsing Questa sera si recita a soggetto (" An Impromptu Evening") by Luigi Pirandello, for the Premio Europa per il Teatro. Massimo Popolizio will bring alive some scenes from the work written in Berlin by Pirandello in March 1929. It's only a rehearsal -as Luca Ronconi says -but nevertheless it's' real theatre. Still in the chrysalis stage, of course, and feeding on analyses and confrontations before metamorphosing in the final production. It is interesting that while the "Ronconi method" is under discussion, the director himself is preparing a play in which the protagonist, Hinkfuss, proposes a directorial concept. It is an experiment conducted by' Hinkfuss who wants to stage, an impromptu evening based on the Pirandellian short story', Leonora addio, giving the actors the task of constructing the play. But the actors do not understand what Hinkfuss wants and when they begin to create their parts, not without some argument with the director, the drama explodes. The plot of the story is as follows: a group of officers stationned in Sicily comes into contact with a Neapolitan family that includes four young women. One of them, Mommina, is courted by Rico Verri who then marries her. After the wedding, Verri proves to be insanely jealous and his wife with draws completely into her shell. When one of Mommina's sisters, an opera singer, arrives in town, she reawakens past memories in Mommina by telling her the story of II Trovatore. Mommina is so overwhelmed by the vivid memories of her carefree days, that she dies after having sung the aria Leonora addio. The lights go on and the actors, shocked by their own "performances," tell Hinkfuss that they only want to perform plays written by an author: "No authors!" exclaims Hinkfuss. "Written parts, perhaps, so that we can breath new life into them... ."


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