(Twee Stemmen)

tratto da

Pier Paolo Pasolini

Cor Herkstróter


Johan Simons


Jeroen Willems

traduzione e adattamento

Rob Klinkenberg

Paul Slangen


Tóm Blokdijk

Paul Slangen

Jan Michael

Robijn Wendelaar


Johan Simons

Piet Hein Eek (sedie)

luci e fonica

Ate‑Jan van Kampen, Nico Bink


Erin Coppens

Petra van Huffel

Theatergroep Hollandia beneficia dei contributi della Provincia del Noord‑Holland e

del Ministero olandese dell'Educazione, Scienza e Cultura

Versione inglese con sottotitoli in italiano

In Voices Jeroen Willems uses texts by the Italian writer and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini to portray four contemporary leaders top managers, criminals, prominent intellectuals, industrialists.
Together they hold today's society in their grasp A fifth leader was added effortlessly the chairman of the board of Shell International, Cur Herkströter; who reflects on the moral dilemmas and social responsibility of multinational companies The text of this 'character' has been derived from speeches and articles by this Shell director.
In a time when capitalism is celebrating its victory, Pasolini shows the reality hidden behind the 'right' of the free market ideology Supported by cynicism, hypocrisy and criminality, the top manager manages to build an empire that gives him power and riches thanks to a confusion of interests In the end Pasolini reveals the true nature of this 'system' it destroys the future, it kills the youth that do not fit in
For Hollandia this world takes shape at the messy table after a feast There, deep in the night, the five characters speak out Jeroen Willems plays them, shifting from chair to chair With apparent ease, he transforms from a scientist to a top manager; from a woman to God and the devil incarnate
'The complacency, filled with depravity and decadent pleasure, with which Jeroen Willems portrays his characters is almost sensual, Geert Sels wrote in De Standaard ' Yet Willems portrays the row of despots in such a way that even the average environ mentally-conscious, ethically-responsible, justice-loving Western citizen of the world with all his fine ideas is turned to pulp and that is what makes the solo brilliant' (Han Geurts in the Rotterdams Dagblad)
Voices was released in 1997 as a two part play before the interval Betty Schuurman played C'est tout, the last text by Marguerite Duras, about a woman who is struggling with her physical and mental decline Voices was selected for the Theaterfestival 1997 and won the 1997 Grand Prix of the Theaterfestival.

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