The Weir di Conor McPherson
regia di Ian Rickson, una produzione del
Royal Court Theatre (esclusiva italiana)


La trama:

In a remote Irish bar, Valerie finds herself spending an evening with the local bachelors, listening to spooky, haunting yarns about restless ghosts and superstitions. But as they disperately try to win her affections, the men discover that Valerie has her own tale to tell... a tale so haunting and beautiful that it is destined to change their lives for ever more.
London's sell out theatrical event of 1999 is a spine-chilling, atmospheric tour de force from Ireland's most promising new playwright and winner of the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play. The London production has just moved to Broadway, while a new cast has formed at the Royal Court Theatre. Finally, a third cast has begun to tour England.

The Weir is an ensemble piece where the actors do talk to each other. It's full of ghost stories. This play was probably inspired by my visits to Leitrim to see my grandad. He lived on his own down a country road in a small house beside the Shannon, I remember him telling me once that it was very important to have the radio on because it gave him the illusion of company. We'd have a drink and sit at the fire. And he'd tell me stories.
And then when you're lying in bed in the picht black silence of the Irish countryside it's easy for the immagination to run riot. I always felt different there. I can still see him standing on the plattaform at the station. He always waved for much too long. Much longer than a person who was glad to have their privacy back.

Conor McPherson
Born in Dublin in 1971, Conor McPherson attended University College Dublin, where he began to write and direct. He co-founded the Fly by Night Theatre Company, which performed new plays in Dublin's finge venues.
His plays include Rum and Vodka (1992), The Good Thief (1994), which won a Stewart Parker Award and This Lime Tree Bower (1995), which won a Thames TV Award and a Guinness/National Theatre Ingenuity Award. All three were staged in Dublin by Fly by Night and published together as This Lime Tree Bower - Three Plays.
In 1996 McPherson became resident writer at the Bush Theatre, London, where This Lime Tree Bower was first seen in Britain that same year and where St. Nicholas, commissioned by The Bush, was given its world premiere in 1997.
Theatre includes: This Lime Tree Bower, St Nicholas, The Good Thief, Rum and Vodka.


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